Message Center

The Zynga Message Center is where you can get all your Zynga game requests in one place. Game requests are any gifts your friends send as well as notices asking for help.To access the Zynga Message Center in Zynga Poker, simply click the red Z icon in the top right corner of your game screen. The numbers in the blue square next to the game indicate how many gifts you have waiting there.


You can also see your requests arranged by type. Plus Chips, Collections & Challenges are in separate sections, so you can accept all of each type at once then share a bonus back with the friend who sent it to you.

To ensure equity and balance in the game, each day, you’re limited to the number of Chips and Collectibles you can accept, and Challenges you can help with:

Accepting Chips: 10 per day
Accepting Collectibles: 2 per day
Joining Challenges: Limits vary

PRO TIP: The Zynga Message Center is the best place to accept your gifts each day, so be sure you check it whenever you play. It also updates while you play, so you won’t need to reload the game.