Hand Strength Meter

The Zynga Poker Hand Strength Meter (HSM) gives you a new way to determine how good your hand is as the game progresses.


How it works:

To turn on/off the HSM, click the small meter button in the center betting area.

Enable hand strength meterTo just see the poker hands cheat sheet just click the 2 gray cards on the right. Using the cheat sheet will not cost you chips and you can use it regardless of if you have the HSM turned on or off.

Calculated Based on Your Cards Only

The hand strength calculation is based on your hole cards and the community cards only. It is NOT based on your opponent’s cards and other players will NOT know you are using the meter.

hand strength meter in game

While the HSM gives you a strong indication of your hands effectiveness, it does not guarantee you a win. Skill and luck still matter!

Only Pay When You Win!

If you win a pot using the HSM, a small percentage of your winnings will be removed from your off-table chips. This amount will never be larger than one big blind.

If you lose the hand, there is no charge for using the meter and no extra chips will be removed from your off-table chips!

*Note: All other play will resume as normal. The HSM does not affect your on-table chips, except that you may be winning a whole lot more of them with the help of this feature