Disconnection Protection

This tool serves to protect players who lose their connectivity in the middle of a hand. If you are disconnected during a hand and have already contributed chips to the pot, your investment will be protected by the ‘Disconnection Protection’ feature. Should this happen, you will be treated as if you were all-in and will contest the hand to a showdown without contributing any further money to the pot. This protects your investment in the hand, while still allowing other players to continue betting.

Why would I lose my connection?

There are two common causes of why you would lose connection to Zynga Poker servers.

(1) Your internet connection can be interrupted, even temporarily. If this happens, the client will detect the problem and attempt to reconnect automatically. Sometimes it will reconnect quickly and no harm is done.

(2) Your ISP might have intermittent issues, causing you to have a permanent loss of connectivity for a period of time.

How will I know a when the disconnect protection is enabled during a hand?

You will see an “offline” message, which indicates the player has loss connectivity versus not taking action.

How does this benefit the player?

You are involved in a pot and action has occured on the flop and/or the turn, building a large pot. The river comes, giving you the nuts, but you suddenly lose your internet connection! What now?

Prior to the new feature, if you lost your connectivity, your opponent would automatically win the hand, while you timed out. Now with the new feature, you will be eligible to win the chips that were contributed prior to the loss of connectivity.  If your connection comes back quickly, and you get back during the same hand, you must wait for the next hand to resume play.

Zynga Poker strives to offer the best disconnect protection to players. Their goal is to protect players, while also maintaining appropriate checks and limits so that the protection offered is not abused.