Gift Shop

Visit the Gift Shop in Zynga Poker to get great items that will be displayed next to your picture while you play poker. You can choose gifts from the Entertainment, Drinks and Snacks, Smokes, or Flags tabs.

Permanent Gifts:
Permanent gifts cost gold to purchase. They are often animated and you can use them as many times as you want. Some of these gifts can be acquired through sponsorship from friends. Click ‘ask for item’ and ask your friends to sponsor that gift. As your friends respond to the request, the meter under the item will fill up.

permanent gifts

You can see your Permanent gifts and switch them out by clicking on the Profile button to the left side of the table selector in the lobby, then clicking the Items tab. Select the item you wish to use and click save. These gifts also tell you the name of the person who bought you the gift under each image.

Chip Gifts:
Chip Gifts can be purchased for chips. These gifts are consumed after each use or play session. You can also buy Chip Gifts or Permanent Gifts for other people while you’re at the table. Click on the icon next to their picture then select the gift you wish to send and choose if you’d like to buy it for just that one person, for the whole table, or for the table and all your buddies.

gift shop

Chips used to purchase Gifts at the table will come from your overall chipstack instead of just the chips you have at the table.