Zynga Poker Shuffle

Zynga Poker’s shuffling is random. To make sure the game is fair to everybody, Zynga uses the Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm, a best-in-class algorithm for producing a random shuffle.

Whenever they make changes to the game, like new features that could affect the quality of the shuffle, Zynga audits the resulting hands dealt to make sure they are random. For example, they make sure that every seat has an equal chance of getting any particular set of hole cards on any given hand.

Zynga shuffling and dealing algorithms have no knowledge of and are thus indiscriminate to the players involved in any particular hand. There is no favoritism or edge given to any player based on status, level, or chip stack. Everyone has the same opportunity to have luck on their side.

You may say to yourself, “Why are there so many royal flushes or why are there more big hands in Zynga Poker than in other poker situations?” This is just a common misconception, as these hand are naturally more memorable. Also remember Zynga is the largest poker site on the web, there are more hands being played and at a much faster rate, which statistically drives up the number of big and amazing wins.

Zynga poker tables hold up to 9 players at once which means 23 of the 52 possible cards will be in play at any given time, that’s almost half the deck.