Sit N Go Tournaments

It’s just that, you SIT at the table and then GO. Or play really.

These are 5-player max or 9-player max single table tournaments that have no official start time. After enough players join the tournament, it will begin. You buy in for a set tournament fee and receive 1,000 chips. All players start with the same amount of chips and the blinds increase every 5 minutes. There is a wide range of buy-in levels ranging from low to high.

Sit N Go Tournaments

The payout structure in these tournaments is the top 3 places:

  1. 50% to 1st place
  2. 30% to 2nd place
  3. 20% to 3rd place

You can find the perfect game by using the filters Sit N Go form the lobby window:

  1. Room: Sort alphabetically to find a specific table name.
  2. Fee: Sort by table buy-in plus a host fee. (The dealer has to make a living.)
  3. Status: Sort by what is Running and what you can Register for.
  4. Player: Sort by players at the table and the maximum players at a table. Click on the camera icon to see their profile pics.
  5. Join tables by clicking on the Join Table button or double clicking on the table in the lobby. The Refresh button will show you the most recent information.

Filter to hide empty or running Sit N Go tournaments:

  1. Normal/Fast: Sort by normal or fast tables. Fast tables required action quicker than the normal tables so pay attention.
  2. Hide Empty Tables: This will hide all tournament tables that have no players currently registered.
  3. Running Tables: This will hide all tournament tables that are currently in progress.