Poker Room


  1. Navigation: These buttons allow you to navigate to other parts of the game without leaving the table.
  2. Dealer Chat: Shows a play by play recap of each hand in this particular room.
  3. User Chicklet: This shows level, name, picture, chipstack and betting status.
  4. Sit Button: Pushing the sit button allows you to buy into the game and sit at that seat.
  5. Hand Help: Shows you what hand you have. If you push te button, you will see the hand types in order of strongest to weakest.
  6. Sound: The sound button turns the sound on and off.
  7. Betting Controls: These buttons allow you to make choices on betting your hand.
  8. Timer: The timer shows the time left for you or another player to make a betting decision. The “time to act.”
  9. Zynga Live: Clicking the Zynga Live button shows which of your friends is online. You can also use this window to invite them to your table.
  10. Exit Buttons: “Stand Up” allows you to leave your seat without leaving the table. “To Lobby” takes you from the table and into the lobby.