Poker Genius

Test your skills. It’s three-handed Texas Hold’em.

Just like the hole-cams on TV, you know everyone’s hand. Poker Genius lets you test your skills by choosing which pair of hole cards are the¬†statistically¬†favorite to win the hand as the action moves toward the River. Learn about outs and poker probabilities in a fun way, while earning chips for you to use at the poker table.


After making your choice, Poker Genius displays the percentage change of winning for all cards. Get it right and win $1000 chips. Every wrong answers wins chips equal to the percentage change of that hand winning.


Any card left in the deck that, if drawn, will improve a player’s hand to one that is likely to win.

The probability of many events in poker can be determined by direct calculation. In Poker Genius, the percentage shown under a pair of hole cards is the probability (with cards to come) that those cards will win when the action reaches a showdown.