Poker Tips

Here are some poker tips to help you dominate the Zynga poker tables.

1. Don’t go “All In” on the first hand
Patience is a virtue. Don’t go all in on the very first hand when you sit down at the table or in a tournament. Even if you win, and get a lot of chips, their is still a long ways to go. Play smart.

2. Change up your play
Other players will quickly catch on if you play the same every single hand. So be inconsistent in whether you check, bet, call, or raise.

3. Don’t overvalue suited starting hands
Ask yourself this question. “Would I play the two cards unsuited?” If not, don’t play them.

4. Raise for a reason
If your going to raise, do it for a reason. Don’t just raise willy-nilly. Do it to gain information.

5. Don’t chase
Don’t chase draws. On paired boards, you have to worry about a full house beating your flush or straight. And on a flush boards, a straight is a long way from the best hand.