1-on-1 Poker

oneandone1-On-1 Poker is an exciting form of poker where you match your wits against one friend.  It’s an extremely fun way of playing heads up with your friends for a friendly game of poker. Challenge your friends by clicking on the Play or the Find Other Friends button, which starts your session.

The beauty of 1-On-1 Poker is you can play simultaneously, while you are playing a cash table or tournament.  You can also play 1-On-1 only, if you prefer heads up action.  Need to talk a little trash at the table?  Zynga Poker has that covered – you can do that in the chat window.

Ready to get in on the action that everyone else is raving about?  Read on and we know you will be just as excited. Getting started is easy:

  1. Click on the 1-On-1 Icon on the left of your lobby to begin.
  2. Select your wager by using the scroll bar to choose the buy in amount and click on the Send Wager button.  Your opponent has the option to accept that amount or lower the wager to begin.  You will automatically be refunded the difference if it’s less that your wager.
  3. Cards are dealt and you will have an action, check, raise or fold.  If the action is on your opponent, it saves your game until they act.  You are notified in the ZMC or you can check the 1-On-1 icon to see the pending actions.  While waiting, play more friends!
  4. You will have options to play, rematch, your turn or their turn.
    1. Play:  Begin a new game with a friend
    2. Your Turn:  Action is on you
    3. Their Turn:  Action is on your friend
    4. Rematch:  Start a rematch with your friend
    5. Actions allow 7 days to act.  If your opponent does not take action in 7 days, they forfeit their game to you.

1-On-1 Poker even keeps track of your heads up history, so you can keep your bragging rights, or hand them over.  Get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the thrill of playing your friend in a battle of 1-On-1 Poker.   Let the glory begin and be sure to bluff, trap, value bet, and fold when appropriate.

1-On-1 Poker FAQ

Can I play while I’m at a table?
Definitely. When you click the 1-ON-1 button on the left side bar, the tab will appear and you can choose the friends you would like to challenge heads up. Simply click the PLAY button under the friend you want to play with and choose how much you want to wager. Once you’ve chosen how much to wager (by sliding the arrow located near SEND WAGER), click the green button to send the request and your game begins.

Does the wager come from my total bankroll?
Yes. Whatever you wager in 1-ON-1, chips will be taken from your total bankroll from your Zynga account. As you win, your chips will be deposited back to your total bankroll at the end of the match.

Will I miss my turn at the table if I play 1-ON-1 while I wait for my turn?
Not at all. The 1-ON-1 tab will temporarily hide when it’s your turn to act at a cash or tournament table. You can easily play another cash game or tournament simultaneously while playing 1-ON-1 Poker!

Will my game be lost if the 1-ON-1 tab disappears when it’s my turn?
Not at all. Simply click on the 1-ON-1 button on the side bar to open up your previous game to pick up where you left off. It’s that easy.

Why can’t I go back to the previous opponent after the play has been made?
This is currently not a feature of 1-ON-1 Poker, but may be added in the near future. After the match is over, you can always initiate a rematch!

What are the green numbers under my opponent?
You may see 1 for 1, 1 for 2, etc. These numbers represent how many times you’ve won (the first number) and how many times you’ve played (2nd number). So if you’re 1 for 2, you’ve won 1 of the 2 games played with that specific opponent. Zynga Poker will keep up your statistics against each poker opponent for your convenience.

Why can’t I find my friend on 1-ON-1 Poker?
Currently, you can play against 100 of your friends that can be viewed on 1-ON-1 Poker.

How long does a match last?
A match lasts for approximately 6 rounds (dealt hands). It can be shorter if there are raises or aggressive bets. The objective is to fill the 1-ON-1 Progress bar with your color.

Why is there a count down on each of my opponents?
Each match allows actions up to 14 days. The counter will tell you how much time is left to finish that match.

When will I receive the winnings from the 1-ON-1 match?
The winnings or losses will be adjusted at the end of your match. You will see this reflected in your bankroll.

What happens to my chips if my opponent decides to wager less than me?
The wagers must be equal, so if your opponent decides they do not want to wager your same amount, the difference of the wager will be credited back to your account so that both players have an equal wager.

Is this available for my iPhone or Android
It is not currently available on the iPhone or Android application. Please keep a look out though, as it could be on your smartphone in the very near future!