Poker Extras

Zynga Poker offers a wide range of awesome poker extras that take the game to a whole new level.

Achievement Badges: Achievements are earned when you accomplish certain actions. Each achievement earns you some additional chips!
Chips vs. Coins: Play Chips are used to play in poker games and also to buy into tournaments. Casino Gold can be used to skip ahead in tournaments and purchase Premium gifts.
Collections: If you’re lucky, and we know you are, collectibles can be found when you win hands.
Experience Points: Earn Experience Points (or “XP” as they’re referred to at Zynga Poker) by playing hands, winning pots and placing in tournaments.
Gift Shop: Visit the Gift Shop in Zynga Poker to get great items that will be displayed next to your picture while you play poker.
Hand Rank: Poker hand ranking and odds. Best to Worst.
Hand Strength Meter: The Zynga Poker Hand Strength Meter (HSM) gives you a new way to determine how good your hand is as the game progresses.
Mini-Games: Play these games to earn extra chips along with your shot at millions. Play Blackjack, Mega Lucky Bonus, and Hi-Lo.
VIP Club: Join the VIP Club today and get all the perks. VIP is awesome at Zynga Poker. By becoming a VIP, you will gain access to special features.